In times of stress, do you have an action plan to ensure you keep your body healthy and relaxed. It is extremely important to remain as stress free as possible to protect your delicate body systems including the endocrine system (hormones) and neurological pathways (messages from the brain).

Here are ten top tips to help you remain stress free!

  1. Practice yoga and meditation
  2. Get plenty of sleep (MINIMUM 7 hrs per night, aim for 8 ideally)
  3. Don’t blame yourself and know that everyone makes mistakes
  4. Don’t react to the news so that it affects your emotion, just be aware of what is going on around you, but keep an open and neutral mind
  5. Talk to someone, have a friend who will listen or join a group online such as your student support group during studies
  6. Decrease your drama- “that’s already happened and I can’t change it, I shall put my energy toward something useful”
  7. Appropriately space client bookings and/or work commitments and ensure some ME time in the diary!
  8. Be realistic about how much work you can take on and also plan AHEAD!
  9. Set goals for yourself and each sector of your life – study, work and private life.
  10. Engage in social time with family and friends. Allow more time to spend with people!


Emily Bingham
EMpower Fitness and Nutrition
November 2014