It’s often that dietary choices are influenced by our surroundings. After all, I here so often… “if it is there well then I’ll eat it!”

Keeping unhealthy choices in easy reach is setting yourself up for a hard road ahead toward your health and fitness goals.
We try time and time again to “eat healthy” or “exercise more” yet keep battling the same demons…

  • “I’m tired today”
  • “I’m just not motivated”
  • “I ended up having pasta and chocolate last night, because that’s what was there”
  • “We decided to just grab some take away because that was easier”

Let me tell you, SET THE TIME to plan and prepare your meals, make an hour a week in which you dedicate to some food prep. I always pre chop all of my cucumbers and salad ingredients, we cook more at dinner and eat it for breakfast or lunch, freeze some things and always have snacks on hand if on the run.

What can we do about this?

How can we implement change that is long lasting and beneficial to our quest for living a healthy lifestyle?

  • REMOVE all the unwanted, processed foods in your cupboard. Even if it’s there for “your guests” when they come over (once every 2 months!) If you know that there is a weakness in your cupboard… get rid of it!
  • Remove the BARRIERS to success, it may mean setting in stone your schedule for the week, write it down and nothing else gets in the way of your plan.
  • SURROUND yourself with motivational people. Get a gym buddy or know that your little puppy needs a walk every day.
  • PROVIDE yourself with copious amounts of nutritious whole foods. Stock up the fridge, and ensure there’s always something there to cook when you’ve had a late night at work, or you’re hungry on the weekend and ‘on the run’.
  • MATCH your options. So you’re looking in the fridge, deciding what to cook for dinner, you only have plan A … OR… plan B, but the catch is, they’re the same! Whole foods, or… whole foods!

Always remember, Coach EM is here for anything you need nutrition wise and is willing to help you shop, stock up your fridges and pantries and review food diaries where needed.


Have a great weekend 🙂

Emily Bingham
EMpower Fitness and Nutrition
March 2015